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In a significant milestone event for the IT industry, infonits, the leading IT company based in Jaffna, hosted the highly successful “infonits Shuttle Clash” on November 11th. This event took place at the prestigious Jaffna Bowling Center and witnessed the participation of 17 IT companies from the Northern region, forming a total of 23 teams. The tournament brought together 150 IT professionals who showcased their skills and sportsmanship in a spirited competition.
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infonits, founded by CEO Mr. Selvachandran Chandramouleesan in 2014, has been at the forefront of the IT industry in Sri Lanka. With a recent rebranding in 2021, the company has expanded its global reach, offering a wide range of services including full-stack web development, branding, mobile applications, graphic design, digital marketing, SEO, and venturing into IoT services.

The “infonits Shuttle Clash” was an initiative by infonits to foster networking and collaboration among IT companies in the region. The event aimed to provide a platform for IT professionals to showcase their skills, form connections, and promote a sense of community within the industry.
The tournament witnessed intense competition and collaboration among the participating teams. The teams displayed exemplary excellence and professionalism, making the event a grand success. After a series of thrilling matches, “3axians A” from 3axislabs emerged as the winners, earning the top honors. Their display of skills and sportsmanship set a benchmark in the IT sector.
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The 1st runner-up position was secured by Team Vitalians, representing Vital Masks, an esteemed IT company in the region. Their performance was commendable, showcasing their expertise and passion for the industry. The 2nd runner-up title went to the Infonities Squad from infonits, the organizing company itself, highlighting their dedication and commitment to the IT community.

The presence of esteemed guests added prestige to the event. Mr. K. Kohilan, Director of the Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE), and Mr. Robinson B Prashanthan, Chairman of the Northern Chamber of Information Technology (NCIT), graced the occasion. Their presence was a testament to the significance of the event and the potential of the IT industry in the Northern region.

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The success of the “infonits Shuttle Clash” has not only reinforced infonits’ position as a leading IT company but also showcased the talent and potential of the IT professionals in the region. It has created a platform for collaboration and networking, fostering a sense of unity and growth within the industry. With its continued commitment to innovation and excellence, infonits is set to lead the IT industry in Sri Lanka and expand its global footprint. The company’s dedication to promoting collaboration and community-building through events like the “infonits Shuttle Clash” is commendable and sets an example for other IT companies.


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