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Journey of Infonits

Infonits (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the excellent registered company where you can get creative designs and developments on the digital platform. We do ever change decoding for customer requirements to provide the best solutions that fit budget and time. Our Infonits started on the 21st of December 2014 in the field of graphic design and development with the name of SS Creation design by our founder and the director Mr. S. Chandramouleesan. Later on 2022 we have changed the brand name Infonits which is providing graphic design and IT solutions. Our main focus is to convey the messages to our clients through imagery and buildup their brand’s identity as well as to support our clients in several ways in the digital platform. Occasionally, a new way of organizing work leads to extraordinary improvements. In a recent seven-year experience in which we looked in depth at several projects from a range of sectors, including business, health care, and social services, etc.

In 2016, we planned to upgrade and established SS Tech as a part of our company to organized seminars and awareness programs physically. During the pandemic situations, we collaborated with Siragugal amayam and did seminars, awareness programs weekly through SS learn hub platform. Still, we are providing our SS Tech services to 5000-6500 students. Every year we are providing concerts for the student to encourage their innovative and creativity skills. Improvement of our company in 2017, our Infonits has launched a website with exclusive and professional standards. we launched a mobile application called G-Bot used to learn graphic designs easily and effectively.

We are having our official main branch in Sri Lanka and having a sub-branch in England. Since 2020, we are the designing partners on IBC Tamil Germany for the “Uravin Oli” event, designing partners for Salesforce-Jaffna and Climathon until now. In 2021 we are one of the partners in the biggest platform of and Cyber Warders Pvt. Ltd. We are one of the excellent technical partners at Salesforce’s – Hackforce’21 event at Jaffna in 2021.

We Are All About designing and developing products and services are our mission and our vision is to make an evolution through advanced creativity and innovations. Advancement of our company in 2020, Infonits is registered in England. We are having 10-20 powerful team members with excellent project management skills. We are providing Internship programs for the students and encourage entrepreneurs to work with us. We have worked successfully with our clients in the fields of Graphic design, Logo design, print design, Web development, Digital Marketing, Software development, Social media marketing, Branding, and Marketing expertise which gives us the capabilities of building up to now. We are expertise in logo designs and Web Development with low cost and customer satisfaction.

A combination of talents uniquely supports our client’s needs, but we believe our hands-on experience and knowledge of building systems are the foundation for the specialized services we offer. We are a Creative Advertising and Web Design company in Sri Lanka. We empower our client’s projects with maximum impact. We use a hands-on approach to ensure that we satisfy our clients while providing powerful experiences.

With a skillful team behind everything we do, our creative capabilities are endless and unmatched. As one of the leading, IT-based oriented companies in Sri Lanka, and as a well-known brand in the globalized UK, USA, Canada and etc. Our company is driven by its deep passion for dedicated services all over the world.

Customer satisfaction is our motive and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Sri Lanka's Best Graphic Design Company | 2014

Infonits, the best graphic design company, was founded in Sri Lanka.

Dec 21, 2014

Upgrade and established SS Tech | 2016

Organized seminars and awareness programs physically through SS Tech

Nov 09, 2017

Primary deployment oversea

Infonits's first-ever international deployment took place in England as a sub branch.


Boosting partners in design

We are the event's design partners on IBC Tamil Germany as well as the Salesforce-Jaffna and Climathon design partners.


Deployed as a commercial enterprises

We are one of the partners on's and Cyber Warders Pvt. Ltd.'s largest platform.


Brand Identity

We changed the Brand name as ” infonits “

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