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infonits Shuttle Clash Event Showcases IT Excellence in Northern Province

In a significant milestone event for the IT industry, infonits, the leading IT company based in Jaffna, hosted the highly successful “infonits Shuttle Clash” on November 11th. This event took place at the prestigious Jaffna Bowling Center and witnessed the

The Future of Front-End Development Trends to Watch in 2023

Web Assembly (Wasm) Advancements: WebAssembly was gaining traction as a technology that allows running code written in programming languages other than JavaScript at near-native speed. In 2023, it was expected that more applications would leverage WebAssembly to enhance performance and

10 Website Accessibility Best Practices to Improve UX

1) Readable Font Size: Use a font size that is easily readable. Avoid very small or too large fonts. Users with visual impairments may require larger fonts, so ensure that your website’s text can be resized without loss of functionality

The Future Of E-Commerce In Sri Lanka

1) Increasing Internet Penetration: Sri Lanka has witnessed a steady growth in internet penetration over the years. As more people gain access to the internet, the potential customer base for e-commerce expands, creating opportunities for online businesses. 2) Mobile Internet

Why Responsive Web Design is a Must in 2023

Ubiquity of Mobile Devices: The use of smartphones and tablets for internet browsing continues to rise. With a responsive design, websites adapt and optimize their layout and content to provide an optimal user experience across various devices and screen sizes.

10 secrets of successful video marketing

1) Start with a strong hook: Capture your audience’s attention within the first few seconds of your video. Use an intriguing opening that sparks curiosity or addresses a problem your viewers may have. 2) Keep it concise: People have short

10 Powerful Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO

1) Keyword research: Use Google Trends to identify trending keywords and topics related to your industry. Explore the search volume and popularity of keywords over time, helping you understand which terms are currently popular and can be targeted for content

Why Should You Update Your Website Regularly

1) Fresh and Relevant Content: Regular updates help you provide fresh and relevant content to your visitors. This shows that your website is active, and it encourages users to return and engage with your site more frequently. It also helps

Top 10 Essential skills for successful web designers

1) Proficiency in web design tools and technologies: Web designers should have a good understanding of the technologies and tools used in web design, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 2) User-centered design skills:

Avoid The Common Web Design Mistakes

Cluttered Layout: A cluttered layout can confuse visitors and make it difficult for them to find what they are looking for on your website. Keep your design clean and organized. Poor Navigation: Navigation is a crucial element of any website.

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